Free Panda Express $10 for Venmo Users

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Free Panda Express $10 for Venmo Users
Sophia Davis

Oct 18th 2021 09:56 am

Venmo users are getting great offers for paying with the Venmo QR Code

Link to Details

The offers may be different for everyone

Step 1
Open the Venmo app and locate the user settings tab on the bottom right

Step 2
On the upper right hand corner, locate the cogwheel settings tab and select it

Step 3
Scroll down until you locate the 'Buying' section and click on the 'Offers' tab

Step 4
Proceed to click on the 'Find more offers' link to build your custom experience

Step 5
You will now find the Panda Express offer

Step 6
Click on each offer and 'Pay with QR code' to proceed with your promotional offer

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