Free $5 Prime Video Credit and $5 Amazon Cheez-It Credit

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Free $5 Prime Video Credit and $5 Amazon Cheez-It Credit

Aug 02nd 2020 07:21 am

Amazon is offering FREE $5 Prime Video Credit + $5 Amazon Cheez-It Credit for when you Watch / Stream 5 Hours of Select Prime Video Content

Step 1
Go to Amazon

Step 2
Enroll Now

Step 3
Stream at least 5 hours of Amazon Prime video

Step 4
That's it! You'll receive $5 in Amazon Prime Video Credit and $5 in Amazon Cheez-It Credit!

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  • glitterdog
    glitterdog - 1 month ago
    L47 Marshall
    The last offer was for the month of August

    This offer is available again for the month of September
    If you did this in August, you can do this again in September

    September has different content you need to watch

    Just put on the TV and walk away (or fall asleep)