Free $3 Prime Video Credit for Watching an Ad

Posted on Dec 05th 2022
Free $3 Prime Video Credit for Watching an Ad
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Amazon is offering Select Fire TV Devices: Watch a Shell Rotella Advertisement, Get a $3 Prime Video credit for Free

Step 1
Turn on your Fire TV device

Step 2
In your Fire TV settings, ensure the screensaver is enabled at the shortest start time, and ensure the sleep timer is either disabled or will start after the screensaver

Step 3
Wait until the screensaver starts displaying advertisements

Step 4
Wait for the Shell Rotella advertisement
Advertisement states "Shell Rotella: Watch our video, get a $3 Prime Video credit"

Step 5
Use your remote to press play to watch the advertisement

Step 6
Email will be sent to you with "Here's your link to a $3 Prime Video Credit, courtesy of Shell Rotella!"

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Guest #9640 - 1 year ago
This works! I wanted to watch a movie that I couldn't find free and would not pay $3 for a 1947 movie where all the actors are dead.