Free Sensual Massage Oil

Posted on Jul 26th 2021
Free Sensual Massage Oil
By glitterdog


CozyCondoms is offering a sample of their sensual massage oil.

We would like to introduce you to our new product, Sensual Massage Oil. Our sexual massage oil for couples is a sensual experience for men and women separate or together. Our full body massage lubricant will leave you soft and smooth and feeling all over relaxed. Right now you can request a free sample of Sensual Massage Oil.
Erotic explorers everywhere know the secret to finding their partners most hidden hot spots - a slow, sensual massage. Nothing creates a relaxed, sensual mood better than stripping down to a massage. And whether you just like making your partner feel good or you're hoping the romantic massage will lead to other kinds of fun, no massage product is better than Sensual Massage.

- 2-in-1 massage glide plus lubricant
- Leaves skin radiant and smooth
- Medical grade silicone
- Never sticky
- Longest lasting

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