Free Starbucks 150 Bonus Rewards Stars

Posted on Jan 21st 2022
Free Starbucks 150 Bonus Rewards Stars
By glitterdog


Starbucks is offering free 150 bonus stars.

Text Hi to 78887 and respond with the number that corresponds with your vibe. Starbucks will send you one 'good vibes' text each day. On the 4th day, theyll send you a 150 Bonus Stars! That's enough to redeem for a free Starbucks drink! The text after that will offer you the chance to send a friend 150 Bonus Stars, so they can get a free drink too! No purchase necessary

Link to the Starbucks Tweet

Step 1
Text HI to 78887

Step 2
Just say 1 2 3 or 4

Step 3
You should get 150 bonus stars in 2-3 days

Deal Screenshot


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kyungjunhan - 2 years ago
L10 Corporal
Guest #0258 - 2 years ago
1/23/2021 Promotion has ended
Guest #9291 - 2 years ago
No, not everyone receives 150 stars. Some receive a buy-one-get-one FREE offer or other offers.
Guest #2077 - 2 years ago
Has anyone gotten the 150 stars?
Guest #2077 - 2 years ago
I received my day 4 text, but no 150 stars yet.
Guest #2077 - 2 years ago
I received my day 4 text today. Still no 150 stars.