Free $15 Target Gift Card with $50 Household Item Purchase

Posted on Aug 06th 2022
Free $15 Target Gift Card with $50 Household Item Purchase
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


Target is offering a $15 gift card when you purchase $50 worth of household items. Works on laundry care, air care, trash bags, food storage, bath tissue, paper towels, bath tissue, facial tissue, cleaning and cleaning tools, and dish detergents.

Works on

  • Laundry care
  • Air care
  • Trash bags
  • Food storage
  • Bath tissue
  • Paper towels
  • Facial tissue
  • Cleaning and Cleaning Tools
  • Dish Detergents
  • Insecticides/pest control

Expires August 6th, 2022

Step 1
Go to Target Online and + Save Offer

Step 2
Go to Target Online or in-stores and add $50 worth of household items. You can mix and match
* Just look for the items that have the red "$15 Target GiftCard with $50 Purchase"

Step 3
You will see a $15 gift card in your cart

Step 4
Free in-store pickup
How to get another 10.01% off everything at Target

CardBear sells discounted Target gift cards. You can buy those discounted gift cards to use on top of this purchase to save even more.

  1. Go to CardBear
  2. Look for the highest discount
  3. Wait for the discounted gift card to arrive
  4. During checkout, use the gift cards to pay

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Guest #6814 - 1 year ago
Beware of prevents in the restrooms or changing rooms with your wife or children. This is a DESPICABLE company.
Guest #6242 - 2 years ago
Those 4 preceding comments are Walmart forum-robots, aren't they?
Guest #696 - 2 years ago
I have gift cards I bought for 10% off so it’s like getting a $15 gift card on a $45 purchase. Thank you
Guest #409 - 3 years ago
This company is the worst of the worst !
Guest #651 - 3 years ago
The WORST American company! I agree, shop anyplace other than this.
Guest #406 - 3 years ago
Do your kids go to church?
Guest #431 - 4 years ago
Despicable company! I would keep my children out of this store for their safety.