Free $5 Video Credit for Amazon FireTV Stick Owners

Posted on Jun 15th 2024
Free $5 Video Credit for Amazon FireTV Stick Owners
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Amazon is offering $3 to $5 Prime Video Credits for watching a video ad by Coca-Cola Marvel / Hershey's. This is only for FireTV Stick owners.

Step 1
Just fire up your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Step 2
Look for the ads by Coca-Cola / Marvel, or Hershey's S'mores in your banners, carousel, or screensaver
* This should be at the top of the screen

Step 3
Watch the ad to receive the following

  • Coca-Cola / Marvel $5 Prime Video Credit
  • Hershey's S'mores $3 Prime Video Credit
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Guest #9307 - 4 weeks ago
Doesn't even work, the marvel/coke site looks like a third grader put it together because it doesn't have any sorts functionality whatsoever
Guest #8186 - 1 month ago
This is to find bootleg firestick owners.