Free Wendys Frosty with Any Drive-Thru Order

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Free Wendys Frosty with Any Drive-Thru Order
Sophia Davis

Apr 04th 2020 05:11 pm

Wendy's is offering a free Jr. Frosty with every drive-thru order.

Proof of deal from Wendy's

Step 1
Go to Wendy's

Step 2
Go through their drive-thru and mention the free Jr. Frosty.

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  • glitterdog
    glitterdog - 1 month ago
    L47 Marshall
    Free Dave’s Single Burger and Jr. Frosty at Wendy’s

    Go into the Wendy's app on your phone
    Add the Dave's free burger offer
    Add the burger to your order
    Add a Jr. Frosty
    The frosty shows up as $.99 but becomes free on checkout
    Get both for free
  • Guest
    Guest - 1 month ago
    My Wendy's in Clarkston, Mi did not participate with the offer
  • Guest
    Guest - 1 month ago
    No virus flavor, just vanilla & chocolate
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 months ago
    and get coronavirus?

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