Free Wildflower Seeds

Posted on Dec 16th 2020
Free Wildflower Seeds
By barefooted


FeedaBee is offering a free wildflower seeds

Go to FeedABee

Fill out the form

Limit one order per household while supplies last

Offer only applies to residents of the United States

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barefooted - 8 years ago
L35 Colonel
Got this email

Dear Friend,

Thank you for participating in our Feed a Bee campaign, and for helping to ensure that bees have access to the diverse pollen and nectar sources they need to thrive. We are happy to report that the Feed a Bee effort has succeeded beyond our wildest imaginings - going viral within its first two weeks.

We are excited, if not a bit overwhelmed, by the number of people who care about bees and want to receive seeds. If you have not yet received your seeds, thank you for your continued patience. We expect current orders to be shipped in early June.
Tyezilla - 9 years ago
L7 Private
What's sad is that they are a company who's products have lead to the part of the Colony Collapse Disorder of bees.
smidge1 - 9 years ago
proud grandma of parker
working fine for me