Free $3 XCN Cryptocurrency

Posted on Sep 07th 2022
Free $3 XCN Cryptocurrency
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Coinbase is offering $3 of XCN for answering 3 questions

This may only be for select members

Step 1
Must be a Coinbase member, if you aren't, sign up here first

Step 2
Go to Coinbase Rewards

Step 3
Answer the following 3 questions to earn $1 XCN each for a total of $3 XCN

  • Which of the following services is not offered by Chain? - Play-to-earn game maker
  • How many XCN tokens are allocated to the Chain DAO Treasury? - 10 billion XCN
  • What does Chain help brands, creators and entrepreneurs do? - Build their offerings using blockchain technology

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