Free $5 for Your Amazon Delivery Driver

Posted on Dec 21st 2022
Free $5 for Your Amazon Delivery Driver
By glitterdog


Amazon is offering a $5 tip to delivery drivers for free.

You just have to say "Alexa, thank my driver" or "Alexa, tell my driver thank you" using your Echo device or Alexa on the Alexa App and Amazon App on your smartphone to thank your driver for the most recent delivery made in the last 14 days.

The $5 promotion will end after 1 million "thank yous" are received. You will still be able to thank your driver using Alexa and we will share your appreciation with our delivery partners.

Link to Details

Step 1
Use your Alexa device or app

Step 2
Just say "Alexa, thank my driver"

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glitterdog - 11 months ago
L48 Hero
Still active
Guest #630 - 11 months ago
This is a joke. Tip a person to do their job because a greedy billionaire isn't paying them enough.
Guest #4404 - 11 months ago
When they start following delivery instructions, we'll make sure to thank them for doing their job.
Guest #282 - 11 months ago
What about the warehouse guy who pick up the order?
Ahh and I almost forgot to thank employees at the factory in China for making junk products.
Spoofee - 11 months ago!
Thanks Glitterdog