GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership for Free

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GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership for Free
Jennifer Miller

Jul 15th 2021 02:45 am

GameStop this week is offering a 10,000 bonus sign-up rewards points (worth $10) and $5 rewards welcome certificate for signing up for a 1-Year GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership.

Offer is good until July 17th, 2021

Step 1
Go to your Local GameStop

Step 2
Confirm with the worker about this offer
* Free 10,000 reward points ($10) for signing up for Powerup Rewards Pro
* Free $5 in credit

Step 3
PowerUp Rewards Pro membership will cost $14.99
* Make sure you ask for the Digital GameInformer magazine to make it $14.99

Step 4
It should take 24 hours to get your reward points

Step 5
Spend the $15 to make this membership "like free"!

Step 6
As a PowerUp Rewards Pro member, Gamestop will give you a $5 certificate to use every month

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