Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB Unlocked Smartphone for $334 Shipped

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Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB Unlocked Smartphone for $334 Shipped
Emma Johnson

Nov 26th 2020 09:35 pm

Google Store is offering the 128GB Google Pixel 4a 5G Unlocked Smartphone (Just Black, GA02293-US) for the best deal. This deal requires a little work.

Step 1
Go to eBay and buy a Google Pixel 2 64GB for around $70
* Phone must turn on
* Phone must work properly
* Phone must not have a crack!

Step 2
Go to the Google Store

Step 2
Choose the unlocked

Step 3
Choose the black

Step 4
Choose Trade in your phone / Start Trade-in

Step 5
* Storage - 64GB
* Carrier - All Carriers
* Phone turn on - Yes
* Does your screen work properly and is free of cracks - Yes
* You should see an estimated value of $235

Step 6
You will pay $499.99

Step 7
A trade-in kit will arrive by mail

Step 8
Follow the included trade-in instructions to send your trade-in Pixel device to Google with 30-days

Step 9
Upon receipt and inspection of your trade-in device, Google will refund the trade-in value to your payment method used to purchase your Pixel 4a 5G

Final Price is $334 Shipped

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  • Guest
    Guest - 1 month ago
    Just got a cancellation email from Google. I was trying to trade in a 2xl for $235. 'We had to cancel your order because it doesn't align with our Sales Terms'
  • Spoofee
    Spoofee - 1 month ago!
    Re : Guest, If you are buying the 4a, then it's better to buy at Best Buy. This deal is for the 4a 5G
  • Guest
    Guest - 1 month ago
    But you can get it for this price without trading in on Best Buy?