How to Get 6 Months of Apple News+ for Free

Next best price on Google is $59

Posted on Jun 10th 2022
How to Get 6 Months of Apple News+ for Free
By glitterdog


Best Buy is offering 6 months of Apple News+ for free! Apple News+ offers hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers. All in one place.

Apple is offering 3 months vs the normal 1 for their Black Friday deal good through Monday, and if you redeem thru Best Buy, the offers stack.
4 months + 'extra' 2 months thru Apple

Regular Price is $59.94

Step 1
Must be a new Subscriber

Step 2
Go to Best Buy

Step 3
Buy the free 4-month pass

Step 4
Code will be sent to you from Best Buy

Step 5
Enter the code into Apple News and Apple will give you 6 months for free



If you are a current user, you can still get a 10% off discount
Regular Price is $119.88

Step 1
Go to CardBear and buy $79.99 worth of Apple gift cards for 10% off

Step 2
Apply the gift cards to your Apple account

Step 3
Sign up for the annual membership for $119.88/month

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