How to Get a EDU Email Address to Get a Student Teacher Discount

Posted on Nov 19th 2022
How to Get a EDU Email Address to Get a Student Teacher Discount
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Edu email addresses will give you student / teacher discount to many online stores.

List of discounts for people with .edu email addresses
* 6 Months FREE of Amazon Prime
* Twitch Prime
* Prime Instant Video. Unlimited stream of movies and Tv Shows
* Microsoft Office 365
* LastPass 6 Months Gift Free
* Best Buy Student Discount
* Samsung Student Discount
* Mindsumo - get paid to solve problems
* The new York Times
* AutoDesk (AutoCad, Maya)

How to Buy a .edu email address for $5
Go to Hafis to buy a .edu email address

How to Get a .edu email address for free
There are plenty of methods that show up on Google, but the colleges tend to close the loopholes really quickly making it a cat and mouse game.
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Guest #571 - 1 year ago
Pretty lame trying to cheat the system
Guest #565 - 2 years ago
No there are not enough deals, also why do get students discount on everything everywhere all of the time and normal people have to wait for that sale that happens once per year
Guest #7553 - 2 years ago
Really? Aren't there enough deals already without resorting to deception?
Guest #434 - 2 years ago
If you read around on the site it says that they have no idea how long your email address will last and reviews state the university will close it without warning. Despite being a 'real' .edu email address none of their offerings work for all student discounts.
It's not going to be in your name either.
Guest #4965 - 2 years ago
Thanks Emma, this worked very well. I'm surprised to see some other comments trying to fame an entire country's population as scammers. Don't forget that the CEO of Google and Microsoft are from India. And above all his website is using Paypal payment gateway, so you don't have to give him your card details directly.
Guest #0789 - 2 years ago
Too dishonest for my taste…
Guest #571 - 2 years ago
What a great way to support teachers. By pretending to be one so you can get some discounts and eventually get them removed for everyone. Thanks a lot.
Guest #8600 - 2 years ago
The contact phone number is in India. Home of the largest collection of scammers in the world. Do you really want to give them your credit card number?