How to Get a Free Beverage at Peets Coffee on Your Birthday

Posted on Feb 02nd 2024
How to Get a Free Beverage at Peets Coffee on Your Birthday
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Peet's Coffee is offering a free birthday beverage for being a part of their Peetnik Rewards member. You will receive a freebie email on your birthday. Your Reward must be redeemed within 2 weeks of your birthday. You are eligible for almost anything on the menu. You can choose any size!

Step 1
If you are not a Peetnik Rewards member yet, sign up here first

Step 2
On your birthday, you will receive an email for a free beverage

Step 3
You have 2 weeks to use the offer. You can just make the order online or with your app

This works on any beverage on any size

Choices includes
Coffee: Peet's is renowned for its high-quality, hand-roasted coffee. Their signature blends like Major Dickason's Blend and French Roast are often best sellers.

Espresso-based drinks: Classics like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos are always popular choices.

Cold Brew: Given the popularity of cold brew coffee, Peet's offers various cold brew options that are often top sellers, especially during warmer months.

Tea Lattes: Peet's offers a variety of tea lattes, such as matcha lattes and chai lattes, which appeal to tea lovers seeking a creamy, comforting beverage.

Seasonal Offerings: Depending on the time of year, seasonal drinks like pumpkin spice latte in the fall or peppermint mocha in the winter may be top sellers.



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