How to Get a Miller Lite Beer for Free

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How to Get a Miller Lite Beer for Free

Nov 05th 2019 07:02 am

Miller Lite is offering a free drink for unfollowing their facebook page. You just need a Paypal account and be over the legal age of drinking.

* Requires a Paypal account and social media account

* Link to Details

* You have until December 6th to get your receipt uploaded and share your PayPal details

Step 1
Go to Miller Lite's Facebook Page
* Bonus points if you follow Spoofee Deals Facebook Page to not miss deals like these

Step 2
Click "Follow"

Step 3
Click "UnFollow" and then take a screen shot of the popup you get

Step 4
Text the screenshot and the words "UNFOLLOW" to 49375

Step 5
Miller Lite will reply back asking for your birthdate

Step 6
You will be given a link where you get $2-$8 in Paypal for sending a photo of your purchase receipt.
The amount varies by the state you live in

Step 7
Go purchase a Miller Lite beverage

Step 8
Take a photo of your receipt and send it using the link before December 6th

Text exchange, I just took a photo of my screen

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