How to Get a Miller Lite Beer for Free

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How to Get a Miller Lite Beer for Free

Nov 05th 2019 07:02 am

Miller Lite is offering a free drink for unfollowing their facebook page. You just need a Paypal account and be over the legal age of drinking.

* Requires a Paypal account and social media account

* Link to Details

* You have until December 6th to get your receipt uploaded and share your PayPal details

Step 1
Go to Miller Lite's Facebook Page
* Bonus points if you follow Spoofee Deals Facebook Page to not miss deals like these

Step 2
Click "Follow"

Step 3
Click "UnFollow" and then take a screen shot of the popup you get

Step 4
Text the screenshot and the words "UNFOLLOW" to 49375

Step 5
Miller Lite will reply back asking for your birthdate

Step 6
You will be given a link where you get $2-$8 in Paypal for sending a photo of your purchase receipt.
The amount varies by the state you live in

Step 7
Go purchase a Miller Lite beverage

Step 8
Take a photo of your receipt and send it using the link before December 6th

Text exchange, I just took a photo of my screen

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  • Ronshere
    Ronshere - 7 months ago
    I'm hunting for freebies!
    At least Miller is honest about their ingredients.
    There are no laws requiring brewers to list their ingredients.
    But they have agreed to voluntarily list ingredients starting next year.
    However they do not have to disclose all of them in their listing.
    Better to drink an honest beer.
  • Guest
    Guest - 7 months ago
    That is a lot of work for a beer made with corn syrup.
  • Guest
    Guest - 7 months ago
    So happy they're doing this. I hate Facebook got off there a year ago, so much happier.I actually call my friends now
  • Guest
    Guest - 7 months ago
    Yes, can't beat free beer!
  • Guest
  • Guest
    Guest - 7 months ago
    Why not just go to the brewery and say you found a mouse in your beer. It almost worked in Strange Brew.
  • Guest
    Guest - 7 months ago
    How to bet a free Miller Lite. !. Go to my buddy's house. 2. Open fridge. 3. Enjoy.


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