How to Get ESPN+ Sports for 1 Year for Only $6.51

Best price on Google is $59

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How to Get ESPN+ Sports for 1 Year for Only $6.51
Jennifer Miller

Apr 11th 2020 09:18 am

eBay is selling a year of ESPN+ Sports for $6.51! You are reading the price correctly. ESPN+ normally costs $4.99/month. This would regularly cost $59.88! All this for $6.99 and the seller with 100% feedback is guaranteeing this! I feel like I'm the Sham Wow guy talking about this deal, but it's really that good.

ESPN+ includes UFC, PFL, College Football, MLB, US Open, MLS, NBA, NHL, EFL, College Basketball, etc.

Regular Price is $59.88

Step 1
Go to eBay

Step 2
Buy the deal for $6.51

Step 3
You will instantly get an email with the username / password to use

Step 4
Deal comes with a 2 year warranty, so if your account stops working, you can contact the seller and they will give you a replacement

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