How to Get ShopRunner Membership for 2 Years

Posted on Oct 22nd 2021
How to Get ShopRunner Membership for 2 Years
By glitterdog


ShopRunner is offering free ShopRunner for 2 years for Paypal members

Works on new and expired memberships!

This will give you 2-day shipping on many retailers

Link to Offer

No catch, just sign up and forget about it

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Guest #482 - 2 years ago
Not working for me
Guest #608 - 4 years ago
Wish the store list was more relevant. I actually have a free lifetime membership offered way back 2014'ish. Read the fine print though you ned to cancel before the trial end or you can be charged a fee. 'If you do not cancel your trial membership prior to the expiration of the trial membership period or in accordance with the provisions set forth in above, we will (and you authorize us to) charge you the full annual membership fee or monthly membership fee, as applicable, at then-current rates to the credit card we have on file for you in accordance with these Policies.'
Kage_ - 5 years ago
Super Moderator
Shop runner is just about irrelevant. They no longer have agreements with most of the vendors I buy from and the ones they do list don't even show shop runner as a shipping option.
Guest #398 - 5 years ago
Didn't work for me....
Spoofee - 5 years ago!
Deal is back for Paypal users
Guest #414 - 6 years ago
I logged in but i cannot find the offer. I an active until april 2018. Cannot find the option.
Guest #615 - 6 years ago
I was about to pay $3.99 for Newegg shipping, not expedited, then I remembered this. Score! To the person who thinks $0 is worse than $3.99, oh well!
Kage_ - 6 years ago
Super Moderator
I'm up to 4 years free membership from the various promos they have ran the past few months.
Guest #390 - 6 years ago
If you signed up last week for the free 1 year, you can sign up again and get it for 3 years free.
mrkymark - 6 years ago
L5 Recruit
It's kinda cute how they offer it as some kind of premium subscription since almost everyone can get it for free one way or another.
Guest #291 - 6 years ago
The free shop runner is for red box members, not pay pal! Please fix the post!
Guest #343 - 6 years ago
This offer is still good... (or it's back on).

No Redbox membership required!

I have never used Shoprunner, had always declined when placing orders in the past, but FREE? I'll take it!
Guest #559 - 7 years ago
Free offer also available to American Express card holders.
No expiration with Amex offer.
Guest #393 - 7 years ago
I had a free membership and it came in handy a few times. I'm not sure it's worth the full price, but for free, definitely helpful.
Guest #356 - 7 years ago
Shoprunner isn't even worth free.
Guest #268 - 7 years ago
EXPIRED! This was posted right before it expired!