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How to Make Your Money Grow Safely

Posted: 05/25/19 07:47 am ( 3 months ago )
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How to Make Your Money Grow Safely

If you have money just sitting in your Checking account, let it grow here.

If you are afraid interest rates may fall or that the stock market may go down, it might be a good time to lock down with a CD.

Don't forget FDIC insures up to $250,000

Savings Accounts ( Can Pull Out Money Anytime )
- Discover - 2.1% APY ( No minimum )
- Barclays - 2.20% APY ( No minimum )
- Synchrony - 2.25% APY ( min of $5000 )
- Customers Bank - 2.25% ( min of $25k )
- PNC - 2.35% ( No min )
- CIT Bank - 2.4% ( min of $25k )
- Popular Direct - 2.36% APY ( min of $5000 )
- Bank of America - 0.03% ( don't consider )

Certificate of Deposit CD - ( Cannot Pull Out Anytime )
If you don't mind keeping your money in the bank for a certain time, CD (Certificate of Deposit) would give you a slightly better rate and rates will not change for that time period.
- 9 Months - CDBank - 2.45% ( min of $10000 )
- 1 Year - Popular Direct - 2.6% ( min of $10k )
- 1 Year - Discover - 2.65% ( min of $2.5k )
- 1 Year - CDBank - 2.85% ( min of $10000 )
- 1 Year - Synchrony Bank 2.7% APY ( min of $2k )
- 1 Year - Merrick Bank 2.87% APY (min of $25k )
- 18 Months - Popular Direct 2.67% APY ( min of $10000 )
- 18 Months - CDBank - 2.9% ( min of $10000 )
- 2 Years - Discover - 2.7% ( min of $2.5k )
- 2 Years - Popular Direct 2.7% APY ( min of $10000 )
- 2 Years - Synchrony Bank 2.8% APY ( min of $2k )
- 2 Years - CDBank - 2.95% ( min of $10000 )
- 3 Years - Synchrony Bank 2.85% APY ( min of $2k )
- 3 Years - Popular Direct 2.85% APY ( min of $10000 )
- 3 Years - Comenity 3% APY ( min of $1.5k )
- 4 Years - Synchrony Bank 2.9% APY ( min of $2k )
- 4 Years - Popular Direct 2.9% APY ( min of $10000 )
- 4 Years - Comenity 3.05% APY ( min of $1.5k )
- 5 Years - Discover - 3% ( min of $2.5k )
- 5 Years - Popular Direct 3% APY ( min of $10000 )
- 5 Years - Synchrony Bank 3.1% APY ( min of $2k )
- 5 Years - Comenity 3.15% APY ( min of $1.5k )

Foreign Currency CDs
With the government printing a lot of money, fear of inflation is roaming around. You can put money in foreign currency CDs to protect yourself
- TiaaBank Foreign CDs ( min $10000, protected by FDIC )
- Commodities (gold/silver) were also known to be safe havens
- CoinBase - Crypto Currencies were also known to be a hedge against inflation, but it's too volatile to be for you to have good sleep

- Discuss other Financial Tips here

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Guest - 2 months ago
Bitcoin is up as a % higher than real estate Dow Jones Nasdaq s&p us treasuries and junk bonds. Bitcoin is now flirting with $9k and possibly headed for $25k.
Guest - 7 months ago
To the moron who posted this...'Crypto Currencies' and 'How to Make Your Money Grow Safely' do not go together.

A food and his money are soon parted.

Please friends, stick with something safe.
Guest - 7 months ago
You also missed American Express bank is offering 2.9
Guest - 7 months ago
We're all in sad shape if we're taking our financial advice from a deal website and the comment section.
Guest - 7 months ago
Citizens Bank is 2.25% w/ $5K minimum and it took me about 5 min to signup. 'No Fees for Anything'
Guest - 7 months ago
Buy low sell high! You're welcome
Guest - 7 months ago
Thanks for this. Keep this updated!
Guest - 8 months ago
Don't go any longer than 12-14 months now.
Guest - 8 months ago
I’ve had a CIT account for over a year and recommend them too. They have solid customer service & good rates.
Guest - 11 months ago
While not great, these CD's do offer you 10-20 times what many of the largest banks offer. Bank of America is pathetic.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 1 year ago
High risk, high reward.
Savings - CDs is no risk, but gives you 2-3% reward :)
Guest - 1 year ago
Take all your money out of the bank and go to Vegas. Go to the roulette table and put it all on red. Pays 100% back on your money. When you win, pick up your money and head for the airport and go home immediately..
Guest - 1 year ago
ge credit union even better
striider (L11 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
Pay off your highest interest rate loans FIRST, then rebuild your cushion (6months minimum) in one of these interest bearing accounts.
jgombos (L0 N00b) - 9 years ago
Reply to striider

Check out http://www.bankrate.com - it's quite a bit more comprehensive for comparisons of different financial products.

Folks who fear that the US dollar will tank should consider buying a foreign-denominated CD. Check out http://www.everbank.com/001Currency.aspx The way it works is you buy a CD of another currency with USD. The CD is held in the currency of your choice, and grows in that currency. When you cash out, it's converted back to USD automatically.
striider (L11 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
Reply to MadonnaP

Yeah- might as well spend all your money on ammunition, as your money in your mattress will be worthless....except AS a mattress.

This site seems pretty accurate and updated regularly

mineralblue (L13 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
Just checked Wilshire Bank... their rate is now 1.75% according to the website.
mineralblue (L13 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
Just contacted Tennessee Commerce Bank - if you didn't get an account yet, they are no longer opening any more 2.3% savings accounts FYI
matt0424 (L8 Private) - 9 years ago
not good....
i would not trust them with 5k.....
stay away.....:peace:
Rockstar (Remember Me?) - 9 years ago
Reply to Seltzer

From the website:
"The purchase of CDF securities is subject to risks, which are described in CDFs Offering Circular. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy Church Development Fund securities. Such an offer is made only by an Offering Circular and only in those states where the Church Development Fund securities may lawfully be offered or sold. CDF securities are not F.D.I.C. or S.I.P.C. insured nor are they bank deposits."

I live about 20 minutes from this organization, so if I stop by I will let you guys know what' sup. It's just not insured, very sketchy.
Rockstar (Remember Me?) - 9 years ago
Anyone heard of Patelco or had any good/bad experiences with them? I might as well give them $1000 if they're legit.
Seltzer (L6 Recruit) - 1 decade ago
Hey, just got this flier and thought I would share. Church Development Fund (CDF) is offering 5.15% APY for a 15 month CD or 5.5% APY for 22 month CD, both with a $5k minimum and offer only until July 31. But, it's better than most right now and certainly better than a bank.

Just thought I'd share.

Go to cdfonline.org/choose/ for full details
MadonnaP (.) - 1 decade ago
My money is in a very safe hiding place.

When the USA comes tumbling down... I want immediate access to my money in the form of cash morning, noon or night!
Liss (Moo) - 1 decade ago
If anyone lives in the Central Florida area, this is the best deal around for sure! You get 4.32% on your CHECKING account! You also get all ATM fees refunded.

To qualify, all you need to is:
1) Use e-statements
2) Have at least one direct deposit OR debit
3) Use your debit card (can be used as debit or Visa) 12 times per month.

If you don't do those, you still get 0.25% and free checking!

thoreau (L12 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
FDIC insurance has been expanded until Dec 2013
Double checked this on the FDIC website
thegoodword (L9 Corporal) - 1 decade ago
Reply to ypc77

GMAC is now Ally Bank. They are not always the highest, but they are consistently the highest APR over the year, while other banks change their interest rate often.

As of 06/26/2009

2.00% Variable APY for savings account.
matt0424 (L8 Private) - 1 decade ago
i just checked it and it is only 2.21% now. no longer 2.35%
cdg110 (L4 Member) - 1 decade ago
Irwin Union Bank, FDIC. 11 Month $20000 CD pays 2.35 % APR and a free 22" LCD TV. Also can get the TV promotion if you open a $5000 checking account for 11 months.
IrwinUnion.com, look for the HD Summer promotion.
smidge1 (proud grandma of parker) - 1 decade ago
mattress what mattress, tee hee. i sleep with the cows.
kmcheng (L9 Corporal) - 1 decade ago
stuff the money in your mattress may be better, lol
but remember not to throw it out, or you will be finding it like crazy like the family in Israel's case
elgrangus (L13 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Broadway Bank went down to 3.5%
Where do you see these rates spoofee?
ypc77 (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
GMAC Bank - http://www.gmacbank.com
Currently, 2.75% for Online Savings Account & 2.25% for Money Market Savings Account
Best of all, it's FDIC Insured.
elgrangus (L13 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Reply to jopoe

Does not appear to be FDIC Insured.
shadow0000 (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
Well i put it in a safety place so that no one can stole it.... Just kidding!!! Oh well thank you for your offer for making grow my money in a low interest...
SuperTightWad (L11 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Ahh, the beauty of the fractional reserve ratio, yet we still don't see anything close to the 9X + 9X*core + 9X*markup%. Even with the monstrous overhead, it seems 50% interest would be fair? Except for the insane inflation that would cause, and the good faith and credit (the basis of our monetary policy) that would destroy. It really is better they use that money to purchase the rest of the world first...
thoreau (L12 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Reply to jopoe

Too many requirements, I'm self-employed so I don't have anything to direct deposit. Also no way I'd use my debit card often enough without slipping up regularly.

Thanks Though
Mortiki (L15 Officer) - 1 decade ago
craptastic, thanks anyway, i'll just stuff it in my mattress
jopoe (L6 Recruit) - 1 decade ago
Reply to thoreau

here is where I put my 6-month raining fund. works out really good for the last 8 months.
SickNic (L8 Private) - 1 decade ago
Thanks, signed up for one of those. It will be easier to save money if I don't have a bank around me.
thoreau (L12 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Anyone have experience with this Broadway Federal, or know of any gotchas with that rate? As sad as it is, that seems like a too good to last kind of rate.

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