How to Use Memory Maker Share to Save Big on Disney World PhotoPass - Only $27

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Posted on Jun 08th 2024
How to Use Memory Maker Share to Save Big on Disney World PhotoPass - Only $27
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Disney World has several photographers around the theme parks and hidden cameras throughout rides to give you a nice Disney photo album at the end of your trip. To access these photos without watermarks, visitors need to pay $69 to $199 depending on how many days you want to cover. You can share this with your family or friends to make it $27.

Regular Price is $199

What is Disney PhotoPass pictures and videos?
Disney PhotoPass is a photography service offered at various Disney parks and resorts. It allows guests to have their photos taken by professional photographers stationed throughout the parks. The photographers capture special moments, such as character meet and greets, iconic park locations, and attractions.

When you encounter a Disney PhotoPass photographer, they will take your picture and link it to your Disney account using a unique code or MagicBand. You can also purchase a Memory Maker package, which provides access to all the digital photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers during your visit.

With Disney PhotoPass, you can collect high-quality digital copies of your photos, which can be downloaded, shared on social media, or printed. The service also offers various customization options, such as borders, stickers, and digital enhancements to make your photos even more magical.

You can access the Photopass photos, but they will have a "Photopass" watermark without purchasing the service.


How much does Disney's PhotoPass Pictures cost?

  • Individual Photos - $19.95 per photo
  • 1-Day worth of photos - $69
  • 30-Days worth of photos - $199 or $169 if ordered 3-days before visiting the park


How can I get the Disney PhotoPass Photos for cheaper?
You can share a memory maker share account. Everyone just needs to chip in their share of the price. This usually comes out to less than $30 and will remove all the watermarks from your photos. Join a Facebook Group and find a friend to attend Disney with
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