Join Walmart+ Annual Membership to Get $50 in Walmart Cash

Posted on Jan 31st 2024
Join Walmart+ Annual Membership to Get $50 in Walmart Cash
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Walmart is offering $50 in Walmart Cash if you purchase a Walmart+ Annual Membership today.

Good for January 31st, 2024

Join Walmart+ & get $50 Walmart Cash!

Get 'me' time back with a Walmart+ annual membership. Members save with free delivery, gas discounts, video streaming + so much more!

Step 1
Go to Walmart+

Step 2
You should see the "Join Walmart+ & get $50 Walmart Cash!" offer

Step 3
Join the year of Walmart+ for $98 to get $50 in Walmart Cash

Bonus Tip if you have Amex
Some American Express Card users are seeing a $40 off Walmart+ Annual Membership
Take a look at your Amex Offers
How to get another 10% off everything at Walmart

CardBear sells discounted Walmart gift cards. You can buy those discounted gift cards to use on top of this purchase to save even more.

  1. Go to CardBear
  2. Look for the highest discount
  3. Wait for the discounted gift card to arrive
  4. During checkout, use the gift cards to pay

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