Lowes Gift Card for 17% Off

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 Lowes Gift Card for 17% Off
Emma Johnson

Jun 13th 2020 04:48 am

Lowe's is offering the $150 Lowe's eGift Card + $30 Lowe's eGift Card for $150. That's another 17% off!!!

This deal is good until 6/14/2020

Step 1
Go to BuyaTab

Step 2
Add a $150 gift card

Step 3
You will see a $30 bonus e-gift card

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  • Guest
    Guest - 1 year ago
    No, no extra 17% for me for $150 gift card.
  • Guest
    Guest - 1 year ago
    This is one of the best deals on the Lowe's gift card I have found. The thing I like about this gift card is it functions like cash. So, you have $60 worth of Lowes money and you can use your military discount to save even more. For example, you can buy $66 worth of product. After the military discount, it is $60. Use your Lowes gift cards and you ultimately got $66 worth of product for $50. A savings of almost 25%. percent.