NameCheap Black Friday Website Domain Name Registration for $4.98

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NameCheap Black Friday Website Domain Name Registration for $4.98
Jennifer Miller

Nov 25th 2020 07:19 am

NameCheap is offering a Black Friday Sale! They offer services like domain name renewals, hostings, SSL, and Email Services.

Go to NameCheap to see The Black Friday Blockbuster sale

Register Domain Names
* .net for $5.98/year
* .com for $4.98/year
* .org for $5.98/year

They are offering a year of webhosting for only $8.88!
They can host a Wordpress site for $14.88/year

Private Email
You can have your own private email address for $3.56/year

They are offering SSL services from $2.88/year

$10 per year

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  • Kage_
    Kage_ - 3 years ago
    Super Moderator
    The Coupon worked for me. I renewed one of my domains for 5 years and another for 1 year and got the 20% discount for all of them. This is a great deal, they rarely offer coupons on renewals.
  • Guest
    Guest - 3 years ago
    Bait and switch! They collect all your information and then don't honor the coupon. I had a chat with them as well. Be careful - don't give them your details!