NordVPN Basic Plan 2 Year Subscription for Free

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Posted on May 13th 2024
NordVPN Basic Plan 2 Year Subscription for Free
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


NordVPN is a well known VPN provider. By using Rakuten, you can get NordVPN 2 years for free! Please follow these steps.

This deal may only be for today, so hurry!

  • Cash Back is only available to new NordVPN customers
  • Cash Back can only be earned on the initial sign-up. Limited to one per member.
  • Cash Back is earned only on the NordVPN portion of a bundled subscription. Cash Back is not available on NordPass, NordLocker, Incogni and Dedicated IP subscriptions, NordLayer, B2B orders or refunded orders.

Regular Price is $223.83

Step 1
If you don't have a Rakuten Account yet, sign up at Rakuten first for free

Step 2
Go to the NordVPN Offer and you should see the 100% Cash back offer


Step 3
Click "Shop Without Adding"

Step 4
Click "Get the Deal"

Step 5
Choose the "Basic Plan" because the 100% cashback only covers NordVPN
Total should be $83.43

Step 6


Step 6
After you get your 100% cashback from Rakuten, Go to Nord to make sure your subscription does not auto-renew UNLESS you plan to use NordVPN forever.

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Guest #478 - 1 week ago
Guest414 what difference does it make? You got the money back. People complain about everything these days
Spoofee - 1 week ago!
This is for an actual 100% 'cash back' where they send you the money back into your paypal or send you a check.
Guest #490 - 1 week ago
I bought this and sold the account on eBay so made a profit :P
Guest #414 - 1 week ago
Rakuten does not pay for your Nord VPN. Rakuten will give you credit worth $83.43 on their website for signing up with Nord VPN today. I got scammed. Thanks a lot, SPOOFEE!