Panera Bread 2 Months of Unlimited Beverage and Coffee for Free

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Posted on Mar 19th 2023
Panera Bread 2 Months of Unlimited Beverage and Coffee for Free
By glitterdog


Panera Bread is offering 2 months of Unlimited Beverage and Coffee for free. Both new and returning subscribers can get 2 Months FREE Drinks when you join the Unlimited Sip Club! This subscription lets you get any size or flavor of hot or iced coffee, tea, fountain sodas, and their new Charged Lemonades for FREE.

The Beverage Subscription entitles eligible subscribers to the following Subscription benefits: drip hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, fountain soda beverages, bubbler drinks (Regular, Sweet, and Passion Papaya Green iced teas, and Agave lemonade) and Charged Lemonade beverages (Fuji Apple Cranberry, Mango Citrus Yuzu and Strawberry Lemon Mint) once every two hours plus unlimited refills.

  • Unlimited New Charged Lemonades
  • Unlimited Iced and Hot Coffee
  • Unlimited Iced & Hot Tea
  • Unlimited Fountain Beverage
  • Unlimited Lemonade & Pepsi Fountain Beverages
  • Redeem your cup, once every 2 hours + unlimited refills while you're in the cafe
  • Access to MyPanera benefits and special perks/exclusive to subscribers

Regular Price is $21.98

Step 1
Go to Panera Bread

Step 2
Choose the Unlimited Sip Club

Step 3
Complete sign-up for your 1st month of Unlimited Sip Club for Free.

Step 4
After signing up, go to subscriptions and enter one of the following codes
* 2MOFREEGC (new subscribers)
* 2MOFREEGCA (returning subscribers)

You will receive a 2nd month of Unlimited Sip Club for Free.

Step 5
Mark your calendars and cancel the trial membership before the month is up or you will be charged $11.99/month

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Guest #8950 - 1 year ago
Not for return customers…. Only for first timers
Guest #886 - 1 year ago
I share a Panera account with my wife... would I have to set up my own? Do they check ID? I can imagine once a day either she or I would get a drink but unlikely both on the same day if we even used daily. But i suspect there is a mechanism to prevent sharing. Anyone know?