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Posted on Sep 04th 2023
By glitterdog


Apply To Receive A FREE 3pk Of Aqulius Safety Glasses!
We're looking for people like YOU to receive our newest Aqulius Safety Glasses for FREE and share your feedback with us.

We're sampling our NEW 3pk of Safety Glasses ABSOLUTELY FREE, with no obligation or payment information required as part of our sampling and feedback program. By connecting directly with customers like you, we're looking to amplify our new product launches and gather initial testimonials and feedback.

Check out these key features of our Safety Glasses:

THREE PACK TACTICAL GLASSES FOR EYE PROTECTION - Aqulius clear tactical sunglasses are fit for men and women. These gun eye protection safety goggles provide skeet shooting eye protection and doubles as hunting and construction glasses. Eye Protection for Shooting Range
CERTIFIED ANTI FOG AND SCRATCH RESISTANT SAFETY GLASSES - Our scratch proof safety glasses/goggles' anti fog design protects your eyes from small ballistic, fine dust particles, bodily fluids, splashes and more. Guaranteed ANSI z87.1 certification.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - We specifically designed our safety glasses to be as comfortable as possible. All Aqulius safety glasses' comes with anti fog coating, meaning you don't need lens wipes or constant readjustment for clarity and comfort.
NOT JUST SHOOTING GLASSES - While we designed these to be military grade eyeglasses, they're perfect for construction work, hiking, fishing, airsoft guns, shooting range target practice, and are the exact type eye protection pro shooting ranges use.
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