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Posted on Mar 25th 2024
By glitterdog


Apply For A FREE Sample Of Our Hartz True Coat Dog Shampoo! ��
We're looking for great dog owners to join our upcoming sampling and feedback program where we're highlighting our Hartz True Coat Shampoos! Keep reading to learn more about our products then click "Apply Now" to be considered!

Learn more about Hartz True Coat Dog Shampoos below:

UNIQUELY FORMULATED FOR DIFFERENT COAT TYPES: Hartz True Coat dog shampoo was developed based on the needs of a dog's unique coat type. Available in 3 different shampoos that are tailored for your dog's specific coat: Thick Coat, Short & Smooth Coat, and Curly or Wavy Coat.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with naturally derived ingredients - coconut oil and oat milk
SAFE AND GENTLE: All True Coat dog shampoos are free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, silicones, phthalates, alcohol, and are cruelty-free
CLEANSES, HYDRATES, AND DEODORIZES: This gentle shampoo will leave your dog clean, hydrated, and smelling fresh – bringing out your dog’s true, natural coat!
To be considered for a sample, please tell us more about you and your dog(s) below.

Sampling and review programs are open to Contiguous U.S Residents (Lower 48 States and D.C.) only.


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