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Posted on Feb 21st 2024
By glitterdog


Apply To Try Our NEW Soothies C-Section Recovery Pads For FREE & Share Your Feedback!
We're looking for mamas who have had a c-section recently or will have a c-section soon to try our NEW Soothies C-section Recovery Pads for FREE! We believe new moms deserve better care for c-section recovery which is why we created our Soothies C-section Recovery Pads to protect and soothe your incision after the wound is closed but still healing.

Our Soothies C-section Recovery Pads were created to give you the c-section recovery you deserve. This is why they have these great features:

Gel padding protects the incision and minimizes rubbing & friction from clothing
Includes 4 sterile medical-grade pads that are individually packed for hygiene
Instant cooling relief for itchy, healing skin
Soft, flexible pad designed for all-day wear (wear up to 72 hours/3 days)
Gentle adhesive border keeps the pad in place; easy to apply and remove
Water resistant for the shower wear
Our NEW Soothies C-section Recovery Pads are great for mamas who are in the period between 10 days and 6 weeks after birth when stitches are removed and the wound is closed but still healing.

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