Resident Evil Village with Stadia Premium Edition Bundle for $60

Best price on Google is $150

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Resident Evil Village with Stadia Premium Edition Bundle for $60
Emma Johnson

Mar 24th 2021 02:39 am

Google is offering the (Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra) for free when you pre-order Resident Evil Village!

The Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra is worth around $90!

Good through May 21, 2021

Regular Price is $150

1. Link to the Resident Evil Deal

2. Must login to your Google account to purchase. This is a pre-purchase digital item and is set to release on May 6, 2021

3. Redemption code for a Stadia Premiere Edition to use at the Google Store will be sent to the email address associated with your Stadia account by June 10, 2021 and must be redeemed by July 10, 2021

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  • Guest
    Guest - 2 weeks ago
    I'm loving stadia. I received two free premiere bundles. One for being a youtube premium subscriber back in the fall and got an additional one for preordering Cyberpunk. I don't get time to game and devote hours of time to my PS4 like I used to. But to be able to play on my Pixel, Samsung S7 , or my TV is awesome. I have very little issues running cyberpunk to my tablet even on wifi. I have tons of google products. So setup was a no brainer, just like all their other products. The controller isn't the best quality but honestly once you get used to it, it is no different than picking up a PS4 controller. Only complaint is lack of games. I don't pay for a subscription as those games aren't great. I just buy ones I'm interested in. Also, if you have a data cap it can get annoying, switching to unlimited soon so shouldn't have any more issues. Looks like I might get lucky and get another Stadia Premiere edition. Thanks OP for the heads up.
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 weeks ago
    People like to crap on Stadia, but if you have a good connection it's pretty good. Playing Cyberpunk on it was a better experience than those who played it on Xbox One or PS4.
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 weeks ago
    I got the Cyberpunk version of this back in November. Turns out it was one of the best ways to play that game. With the recent hardware shortages, this is a great stop gap solution. Stadia won't die before you can finish this game on it (ofc given you actually play it). When/if it does the Chromecast is still a competent streaming device.

    All in all I'm very glad I got it and didn't listen to all the naysayers.