Sara Lee Pound Cake Class Action Settlement

Posted on Sep 22nd 2022
Sara Lee Pound Cake Class Action Settlement
By glitterdog


Sara Lee has a class action lawsuit settlement. The settlement is to resolve the claim that the pound cake products are made with "all butter" when it contains other shortening ingredients

Do I Qualify?
The settlement benefits consumers who purchased Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake products between April 27, 2017, and July 29, 2022.

How Much will I Receive?
You will receive $1 per product claim up to $5 with no proof. You can claim more if you have proof of purchase

How Do I Submit a Claim?
1. Go here and click on the "Registration Form"
2. You will receive a claim ID by email
3. Go here and submit your claims online by 10/11/22

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Guest #575 - 1 year ago
don't do it. you will just end up getting pennies, if that. while the lawyers reap the benefits of their big lump sum.
Spoofee - 1 year ago!
Thank you glitterdog. I definitely bought a few of these over the years.