Sofi Bank Accounts with Direct Deposit is Giving 4.2% APY and a Free $275

Posted 2 days ago
Sofi Bank Accounts with Direct Deposit is Giving 4.2% APY and a Free $275
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


SoFi Bank is now paying 4.20% APY for accounts with direct deposit on both savings and checking accounts. These are liquid accounts so you can take your money out anytime. This is an EXCELLENT option if you have money sitting your bank and want to keep it that way for emergency. Sofi Bank is also currently giving up to another $275 currently if you setup a direct deposit

The Catch - You need to direct deposit $5000+ in the first 25 days to get the $250 bonus

4.2% APY means, you will get $420 for every $10,000 that's sitting in your account every year.

SoFi Bank is a member of FDIC so you are covered up to $250,000

This offer will give you the following

  • Free $25 for creating an account and depositing $10+
  • Free $250 when you setup direct deposit (must deposit $5000+ the first 25-days to get $250)
  • Sofi Bank pays you 4.2% APY if you have direct deposit
  • No minimum balance or monthly fees

Step 1
Go to Sofi Bank and click Claim Your Bonus

Step 2
Deposit at least $10 to get a $25 bonus

Step 3
Setup direct deposit to get up to another $250 bonus
* In the first 25-day evaluation period,
- Deposit $1000+ to get a $50 cash bonus
- Deposit $5000+ to get a $250 cash bonus

* If you setup any direct deposit, you will get paid 2.0% APY!

Step 4
That's it! Enjoy your free $275 and 4.2% APY on your savings

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