Spotify Premium 3 Month Subscription for $1.99

Best price on Google is $29

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Spotify Premium 3 Month Subscription for $1.99
Jennifer Miller

Aug 01st 2020 07:11 am

eBay is selling 3 months of Spotify Premium for $1.99

Spotify Premium gives you
* Listen to music ad-free
* Play anywhere - even offline
* On-demand playback

Regular Price is $29.99

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* 3 Months for $1.99

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Buy the deal for $1.99

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  • stinkingbob
    stinkingbob - 3 days ago
    L6 Recruit
    Note: Do not be tempted to purchase a subscription listed as "lifetime" or "2 years"/ These are scams. 3 months is about the lifetime of these accounts.
  • Guest
    Guest - 3 days ago
    Note: do not buy any subscription that is for lifetime. They are a scam.