Starbucks Get $5 Off with Paypal

Posted on Sep 25th 2022
Starbucks Get $5 Off with Paypal
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


Paypal is offering $5 off your next $10 reload at Starbucks when you check out with Paypal.

This will only work once per Starbucks account

Good until 12/31/2022

Only for Select Customers

Step 1
Go to Paypal and login to see the offer
* May only be for select offers

Step 2
Click on "Save Offer"
Save the Offer on Paypal

Step 3
Shop on the Starbucks website and pay with PayPal. They'll automatically apply your discount of $5 off $10
Use That Paypal account to buy a $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Step 4
Check on Paypal to make sure you were only charged $5 for the $10 Gift Card!
Tada! You will only be charged $5 for the $10 Starbucks Gift Card

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Guest - No login needed!
Guest #341 - 2 months ago
This did not work. I got charged 10.00
Guest #1234 - 2 months ago
Bought a $10 gift card on each of my family member's Paypal account. Thank you.