Subway Free $6 Credit and a Free Meal on Your Birthday

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Subway Free $6 Credit and a Free Meal on Your Birthday

Oct 18th 2019 06:06 pm

Subway is offering a free $6 credit for downloading their app! The credit will stay available for 7 days!

* $6 credit is 3x $2 credits

* Some customers are reporting that they were able to use all 3x$2 credit at once

Step 1
Download the Subway App

Step 2
Make a new account
Tap "New Users Start Here" and go through setting up your account

Step 3
Wait a few minutes and you will see the credit show up
Get $6 in credit to use at Subway
Credit is valid for 7 days

Step 4
Scan your barcode every time you go to Subway to get rewards


How to Save more at Subway
Go to CardBear to buy discounted Subway Gift Cards

How to Get a Free Meal on Your Birthday
Subway will send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday!
1. In your app, tap the menu button
2. Tap on your email address
3. Tap "Birthday"
4. Enter a birthday you want to get your free meal on
5. Link to Many Other Birthday Freebies

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