Target Gift Cards Discount for 7.5% Off

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Target Gift Cards Discount for 7.5% Off
Jennifer Miller

Oct 07th 2020 03:49 am

CardBear is offering 9.2% off Target Gift Card. This let's you get 9.2% off ANYTHING at Target. There is an offer going around for Red Card Holders to get 5% off, but this is a better deal.

Step 1
Go to CardBear

Step 2
Go to GC Spread and add a Target gift card for 7.5% off
Go through GC Spread to buy a Target gift card value of your choice

Step 3
Transfer the gift card onto your Target App gift card

Tip : The gift card is guaranteed to work for 60 days. We recommend buying 1 Target gift and loading it to your Target app. Then you can combine all the gift cards you bought from GCSpread onto your Target app. This way, you don't have to worry about the 60 day limit.


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