Tesla Model Y Now Offered at 0.99% APR

Posted on May 11th 2024
Tesla Model Y Now Offered at 0.99% APR
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Tesla is offering their Tesla Model Ys at 0.99% APR until May 31st, 2024.

Instead of lowering the price on the Tesla Model Y, Tesla is now offering a loan rate of 0.99% APR.

Great deal for anyone that was planning to finance their Model Y purchase

Link to Tesla's Deal

With this deal, you end up paying about $1000 in interest over the course of 5 years, while you can invest that money into government bonds and earn 5% which comes up to about $5000.

Even if you can afford the car outright, you should finance in this case.

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I got it. 800 , good income, current auto loans, mortgage, $0 down.