The A500 Mini 25 Amiga Games for $79.99 Shipped

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Posted on Nov 24th 2023
The A500 Mini 25 Amiga Games for $79.99 Shipped
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Amazon is offering The A500 Mini for the best deal.

Regular Price is $129.99

Amazon Price is $79.99 Shipped

  • Welcome back to the 1980s and the pinnacle of 16-bit personal computing - Introducing The A500 Mini, a compact reimagining of this classic home computer
  • Featuring perfect emulation of not only the original A500 (OCS) and Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) of future revisions, but also the
  • Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the A1200
  • Play one of the included 25 classic Amiga games, selected from a simple to use carousel, including all-time greats like Alien Breed 3D, Another World, Simon the Sorcerer and Worms

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