The Big One Microfiber Bed Pillow for $2.88

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Posted on Feb 24th 2024
The Big One Microfiber Bed Pillow for $2.88
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Kohl's is offering The Big One Microfiber Bed Pillow (King or Standard/Queen) for the best deal.

Regular Price is $9.99

Step 1
If you are not yet a Kohl's Rewards member, sign up here first for free

Step 2
Choose a pillow
* King Size for $5.77
* Standard / Queen Size for $2.88

Step 3
Text SHOP15 to 56457
* You will receive an unique 15% off coupon. Apply this coupon

Step 4
Use coupon promo code HOME15

Step 5
Free pickup in-stores
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