Treasury Series I Savings Bonds Are Paying 5.27%

Posted on Nov 03rd 2023
Treasury Series I Savings Bonds Are Paying 5.27%
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


TreasuryDirect is offering Series I Savings Bonds with 5.27% return! Nobody likes inflation but if you are able to hold some cash in I bonds, 5.27% definitely helps!

Savings Bond interest is exempt from state and local income tax!

The 5.27% rate is good until April 30th, 2024

Maximum of $10,000 per calendar year can be deposited.
You can do more than $10,000 if you want to gift it to your child or others.

Locked for 1 year, and 3 month interest penalty if redeemed before 5 years.

RATE CAN DROP, but you can always just withdraw and take the 3 month interest penalty which isn't much compared to the rate you are getting.

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Step 1
Go to Treasury Direct and open an account

Step 2
Go to Treasury Direct and buy the Series I Savings Bonds. You can deposit up to $10,000 per calendar year.

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