Treasury Series I Savings Bonds Are Paying 9.62%

Posted on Aug 21st 2022
Treasury Series I Savings Bonds Are Paying 9.62%
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


TreasuryDirect is offering Series I Savings Bonds with 9.62% return! Nobody likes inflation but if you are able to hold some cash in I bonds, 9.62% definitely helps!

Maximum of $10,000 per calendar year can be deposited.
You can do more than $10,000 if you want to gift it to your child or others.

Locked for 1 year, and 3 month interest penalty if redeemed before 5 years.

RATE CAN DROP, but you can always just withdraw and take the 3 month interest penalty which isn't much compared to the rate you are getting.

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Step 1
Go to Treasury Direct and open an account

Step 2
Buy the Series I Savings Bonds. You can deposit up to $10,000 per calendar year.

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Guest #471 - 1 year ago
A great purchase, but keep in mind: 'I bonds earn interest for 30 years unless you cash them first. You can cash them after one year. But if you cash them before five years, you lose the previous three months of interest. (For example, if you cash an I bond after 18 months, you get the first 15 months of interest.)' So locked in for one year, and a penalty if you withdraw anything within the first five years. Only liquid without penalty after five years.
Guest #7678 - 1 year ago
Great way to bring inflation down. The interest is a teaser rate but you always get interest on the bond.
Guest #435 - 1 year ago
Sold out.

Just kidding.