Uber Eats Food Pickup 50% Off Coupon

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Uber Eats Food Pickup 50% Off Coupon
Jennifer Miller

Apr 07th 2021 04:48 pm

Uber is offering 50% off your pickup order.

Maximum of $10 Discount

We recommend having everyone in your household order and someone go pickup for everyone.

You can add the code today and can use the code until 4/17/2021

Step 1
If you don't have the Uber Eats app yet, Go to UberEats and sign up first

Step 2
Choose to pickup in-stores and make an order

Step 3
Use coupon code 50OFFPICKUP to get $10 off

BONUS - How to get another 4% off everything at Uber / Uber Eats
Go to CardBear to buy discounted Uber / Uber Eats gift cards

Example of Deal
We used this deal on two Chipotle salads


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