Wendys Daves Single Hamburger for $1

Posted on Mar 07th 2024
Wendys Daves Single Hamburger for $1
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Wendy's is offering Wendy's Dave's Single Hamburger for $1. You can also get the Dave's Double for $2.

Step 1 - Get and Open the Wendy's App
* Android App
* iOS App

Step 2
Click "Get Offer"

Step 3
Look for and Select "It's Madness! $1 Dave's Single" Offer

Step 4
Click on "Use in Mobile Order"

Step 5
Confirm Pickup Location and Pickup Method

Step 6
Click Start Pickup Order

Step 7
Add a burger from the following
* Dave's Single for $1
* Dave's Double for $2

Step 8
Proceed to checkout and verify that the selected offer has been applied

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