Zombie Smasher PC Game for Free

Posted on Jun 02nd 2024
Zombie Smasher PC Game for Free
By glitterdog


Indiegala is offering Zombie Smasher PC Game for free.

Survival Behind the Wheel: In this intense game of survival, you'll navigate through a world teeming with zombies, relying on your driving skills to stay one step ahead of the relentless horde. Your mission: crush every last zombie in your path.
Choose Your Weapon: With a selection of 8 unique post-apocalyptic vehicles at your disposal, each equipped with its own set of deadly tools, you can customize your playstyle and decide how you want to be the ultimate Zombie Smasher. From armored trucks to souped-up muscle cars, every vehicle is a weapon of destruction.

Upgrade and Dominate: The upgrade system lets you fine-tune your vehicle, turning it into a zombie-crushing machine. Enhance your engine, fortify your armor, and install devastating weaponry to maximize your chances of survival.

Epic Journey Across 15 Levels: Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world across 15 action-packed levels, each with its own unique challenges and zombie threats. Discover new terrain, confront different types of zombies, and adapt your strategy to each environment.

Explore 4 Distinct Maps: Traverse through four diverse post-apocalyptic landscapes, each with its own atmospheric setting, from desolate city streets to eerie, fog-covered forests. The variety in maps keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting

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