2-Pack Coca-Cola Energy Drink for Free

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 2-Pack Coca-Cola Energy Drink for Free
Sophia Davis

Feb 15th 2020 05:16 am

Amazon is offering the 2-Pack of Coca-Cola Energy Drinks for free, but you need to install the Alexa App. This deal works for anyone with a tablet or smartphone

Step 1
Download the Amazon Alexa app
* Google Play
* Apple iTunes

Step 2
Say the command, "Alexa, launch Coke Energy"

Step 3
In your app, go to Menu > "Skill and Games" > "Your Skills" > "Coca-Cola- Coke Energy"

Step 4
Click on Settings

Step 5
Click "Manage Permissions"
Grant permissions for your Device Address, Full Name, Email Address and Mobile Number

Step 6
Say the command "Alexa, tell Coke Energy to give me a sample"

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