Free Fandango Now Movie Rental for Sprint Customers

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Free Fandango Now Movie Rental for Sprint Customers

Feb 04th 2020 01:38 pm

Sprint is offering a free FandangoNOW Digital 4K UHD, HD or SD Movie Rental for Sprint customers!

Good until 9/30/20

Step 1
Must be a Sprint customer

Step 2 - Download the app
- Android Version
- Apple iOS Version

Step 3
Setup, Login, Verify

Step 4
Tap "Sprint Rewards"

Step 5
Get the FandangoNow Offer and follow prompt

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  • glitterdog
    glitterdog - 4 weeks ago
    L47 Marshall
    Available again 3/1/2020
  • glitterdog
    glitterdog - 6 months ago
    L47 Marshall
    On the Home Screen click "Sprint Rewards"
    Select FandangoNow September Movie Rental
    Click Claim
    Click Copy Coupon Code
    Copy the FandangoNow Promotion Code above and redeem by 9/23/2019
    Click "Get Free Movie" button in the app or FandangoNow []
    Paste the FandangoNow Promotional Code and click Redeem
    Sign-In or create a free Fandango VIP account

    Instructions for New My Sprint Rewards Customers

    Download My Sprint Rewards App
    Download the Sprint App]
    Upon Download and Installation of App, enter the phone number associated with your Sprint Account
    Enter the verification code that was sent to the phone number associated with your account
    Proceed to fill out the info and click "Get Started" then follow initial instructions from Step 2
    NOTE: Code must be redeemed by 9/23/2019 in the Sprint Rewards app.
    You can choose to watch any movie in FandangoNow until 2/29/2020.
  • glitterdog
    glitterdog - 7 months ago
    L47 Marshall
    Available again 8/12/19
  • glitterdog
    glitterdog - 9 months ago
    L47 Marshall
    available again

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