Free Febreze Plug-In at Walmart

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Free Febreze Plug-In at Walmart

Jun 16th 2021 06:24 am

Walmart / Febreze is offering a free Febreze Plug-in! Enter your details & the coupon will be text or e-mailed to you. Then scan the barcode off your phone (or print it to use as a regular coupon)

Step 1
Go to FreePluginOffer

Step 2
Enter your mobile number

Step 3
You'll receive a mobile digital coupon for your Free Febreze Air Freshener Plug-In Device offer

Step 4
Go to your local Walmart

Step 5
At self-checkout
* Scan all products and push Total or Pay button
* Select Credit/Debit
* Scan the barcode below using the hand scanner before any other payment type
* 'Tap here when ready to pay' from your digital coupon to scan your barcode when ready to pay

Final Price is Free

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