Free Fight For Voting Rights Sticker

Posted on Jan 30th 2022
Free Fight For Voting Rights Sticker
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


VoteVets is offering a free sticker that states "I served our country and I will keep fighting for our voting rights"

This attack on voting rights is an insult to all veterans, servicemembers and military families who sacrificed so much (and even put their lives on the line) to protect our democracy.

Claim your new sticker to show your support for voting rights!

Go to VoteVets to claim your sticker

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Guest #815 - 2 years ago
WOW. I followed to the website. This is entirely aimed against Republicans. Read what the Democrats are trying to pass before you back them. Thanks for helping me to choose not to vote for.....and 'no thanks' to the free sticker. Why don't you put that message on the mandatory masks?
Guest #853 - 2 years ago
Might as well say we fought and died so people that are not citizens can decide our elections. Stick to discounts, not politics.
Guest #659 - 2 years ago
Nonsense! US is a Republic, not a Democracy.
There is no attack on voting rights. There IS an effort to make it easier to cheat, though.
Guest #552 - 2 years ago
So who isn't being allowed to vote again?
Guest #8154 - 2 years ago
What attack on voting rights? More leftist bullsh*t.
Guest #491 - 2 years ago
Since no one is trying to take away voting rights... what does this mean?
Guest #602 - 2 years ago
Do they do anything to secure the vote? Otherwise, I want to buy 200 Ar-15s with a money order, and have them delivered to my house.