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Posted on Feb 29th 2024
By glitterdog


Night Shift
another day, another dollar, or so it seemed. Coming in for your night shift, everything is normal until a sudden change in weather traps you within the walls of the department store. Under the instructions of your manager, you must stay and continue your work until the storm passes.
However, with each passing hour, you start to feel as if you are not alone. Things are moving, disappearing, and changing. With nothing but your wits and a flashlight, you need to complete your tasks and navigate around whatever is lurking within the shadows.

The Night Shift is a first-person horror game that brings the player into a world that progressively becomes a harrowing nightmare. Out on the shop floor, your means of defense is to look out, listen, and run.
Will you last until the storm passes?

Creo God Simulator
Creo God Simulator is a game of city-building, resource management, survival, and a ton of peasant smiting. As the divinely-selected Creostrider, it's your job to build a society bit by bit, while convincing your new population to believe in you as their one true god.

During your time as the Creostrider, you will discover new powers to use and more advanced buildings to place, but beware, as you progress, the randomized events that afflict your town will become more difficult, not to mention that a larger population presents a myriad of engaging challenges to overcome. Can you prove yourself as the new true God, or will you slowly fade from the memory of the people you led?

re cannons, sink ships or board them with FPS combat
54 Players, small and large ships. Crews up to 13 players
Maintain your ship, make repairs, reload & resupply cannons
A large selection of weapons to snipe, slice and blow away nasty pirates
Captain a vessel through nomination, issue orders to yer' crew & fight tactically on the sea
3 Game modes of TDM, Siege (fort attack/defend) & Capture the Booty
Navigate maps with variation. Different weather, time of day, avoid volcano eruptions & Icebergs
Customize your Character and Ship by leveling your rank!

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