How to Get 20% Off Everything at The Home Depot

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How to Get 20% Off Everything at The Home Depot
Jennifer Miller

Aug 22nd 2020 03:22 pm

Home Depot offers supplies for home improvement and DIYs. Follow these two instructions to get almost 20% off anything at The Home Depot. Basically, you can buy a 15% off coupon on eBay and also buy discounted gift cards to save another 5%. Use the 15% off coupon and then when it comes time to pay, use The Home Depot gift card.

Step 1 - Buy a 15% off coupon
* 15% Off Home Depot Coupon - maximum discount of $200

* 10% Off Home Depot Coupon

Step 2 - Buy a discounted gift card
Go to CardBear to buy discounted Home Depot gift cards to get 5% off

Step 3
Go to The Home Depot and use your 15% off coupon during checkout
When it comes time to pay, use the gift card you bought for 5% off

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  • Spoofee
    Spoofee - 3 weeks ago!
    CardCash offers a 45 day guarantee
    Currently, highest discount is from CardCookie which offers a 100-day guarantee
  • Guest
    Guest - 1 year ago
    Do NOT buy from CardCash. They ship cards that were drained of value before shipping and then refuse to stand behind their order. SCAM.